About Us

The congregation of Holy Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church had its humble roots in a house meeting in Belleville in May of 1946 which was the first Lutheran worship service in the area. From there mission work was done in Belleville, Trenton, Prince Edward County and surrounding areas to establish a congregation and on May 15, 1960 the church was officially organized.

Holy Trinity is a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada, (ELCIC) a member church of the Lutheran World Federation which unites nearly 60 million Lutherans from around the world. The ELCIC is also a member of the Canadian Council of Churches and the World Council of Churches. The ELCIC is headquartered in Winnipeg, and led by Bishop Susan Johnson. The ELCIC is made up of five geographical synods, stretching across Canada. Holy Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church is a member of the largest of these synods, the Eastern Synod, which has more than two hundred congregations reaching from Nova Scotia almost to the Ontario-Manitoba border. The Eastern Synod offices are located in Kitchener, Ontario, and is led by Bishop Michael Pryse. The Eastern Synod is made up of eight regional conferences. Holy Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church is a member of the Ottawa/St. Lawrence Conference, which has congregations located from Belleville along the seaway to Montreal and from Montreal up the Ottawa River throughout Ottawa Valley.

As an Evangelical Lutheran congregation, Holy Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church strives to be a true child of the Reformation, proclaiming that salvation is solely a gift of God's grace, active through faith in the risen Lord Jesus Christ. We live out our faith through lives of discipleship, serving others in the name, and after the pattern, of Jesus Christ. We bring the catholic heritage of liturgical worship and the historic theology of the church together with a personal commitment to Jesus Christ and an openness to the ongoing work of the Holy Spirit revealing God's will and word for us today.

All are welcome at Holy Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church. We believe that our unity is found in our common faith in Jesus Christ, and our diversity is celebrated through the manifestation of the Spirit's many gifts. Come, and be a part of God's family with us!