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Longest Night Service


For many of us Christmas is not a joyous or happy time of the year.  2020-2022 have been especially difficult years for many of us due to the pandemic and so many other negative events happening in our world.  We may have lost a loved one or friend, we may have been diagnosed with a serious illness, we may have lost our job, things may not be happy at home, we may be in a time of major transition in our lives.

The Longest Night service is meant to recognize that in the midst of all the Christmas joy that many of us are not feeling joy.  We take this time to take seriously the reality of loss and grief at a time of year when we miss our loved ones or our feelings of joy and happiness.


This Longest Night service will be an opportunity to share our joys and our losses together through reflective prayer, a candle lighting ceremony and mutual support and compassion.  




If you are interested in joining us or learning more about this service, please contact Pastor Rob at the church office.

Our service will be held on Thursday, December 21, 2022 at 7:00 pm.


If you are planning on attending, we encourage you to bring a photo of a loved one you miss this Christmas season.

May this Christmas season be a time of seeking wholeness and happiness while acknowledging our honest feelings of loneliness or sadness.