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About FaithLife Financial

FaithLife Financial is a Christian-based, member-owned not-for-profit, financial services organization dedicated to helping Canadian Christians, through having earnings flow back to our members and that of their congregations and communities - through a variety of programs, benefits, special grants, and a unique Chapter System.

FaithLife Financial is the official trade name of Lutheran Life Insurance Society of Canada. Founded in 1972, the organization opened membership to the broader Christian community in July, 2004. To reflect our growing Christian membership, the organization officially adopted the trade name, FaithLife Financial, in March 2005.

What is a Congregational Chapter

A FaithLife Financial Chapter isn't a place (like a branch office). It's simply a group of Society members, with an elected slate of chapter leaders, who work together to respond to needs they see in their own Christian congregation. Organized as a local arm of our Society, member chapters qualify to receive basic funding and supporting grant assistance from FaithLife Financial. chapters are a living expression of our Society's Christian caring and concern.

Chapter 75012 Activities

Chapter 75012 is highly active in the life of Holy Trinity, in fulfilling the churches mission and objectives. Each year the chapter through FaithLife's matching grant program, supplies volunteers in fund raising activities, and then FaithLife Financial, assist by matching funds raised. In this year the focus of the Chapter is going to stay with outreach for our $500 matching grants. We plan on scheduling events, hopefully in conjunctions with the youth and the SCS to raise funds for the Alinambi Orphanage, food banks of Belleville and Trenton, and other needs as determined throughout the year. The Chapter is planning on continuing supporting the Lenten Dinners, and the Octoberfest dinner.

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For more information about FaithLife Chapters contact:

E-mail :        Joanne Jehu Faithlife Financial District Representative

E-mail :        Dale Holland Chapter 75012 Chair