About FaithLife Financial

FaithLife Financial is a Christian-based, member-owned not-for-profit, financial services organization dedicated to helping Canadian Christians, through having earnings flow back to our members and that of their congregations and communities - through a variety of programs, benefits, special grants, and a unique Chapter System.

FaithLife Financial is the official trade name of Lutheran Life Insurance Society of Canada. Founded in 1972, the organization opened membership to the broader Christian community in July, 2004. To reflect our growing Christian membership, the organization officially adopted the trade name, FaithLife Financial, in March 2005.

Pre-Authorized Offering Program (PAR)

The FaithLife Financial Pre-Authorized Offering Program is a low-cost direct debit service that allows people to support their church through a convenient automatic monthly bank account withdrawal.

Benefits for the Contributor

  • Regular withdrawals help you budget for your household expenses
  • No more envelopes, cash or cheques to remember every Sunday
  • Completely confidential
  • Special contribution cards are provided so you can participate during offering
  • Flexible – adjust your offering amount or cancel any time

Benefits for the Church

  • They receive a regular, dependable flow of contributions – helping them budget
  • Periods of lower attendance don’t result in lower donations
  • Electronic payment programs reduce paperwork
  • Administrative costs are reduced

Please contact the Pastor or Treasure for forms

Action Teams

FaithLife Financial Action Teams* are inspired by the passion of our members to volunteer and give back! We share a common belief that we can do more with our time and money to make a difference – together.

For more information about FaithLife Chapters contact:

E-mail :        Joanne Jehu Faithlife Financial District Representative