On the last Sunday of every month Holy Trinity hosts what are called Agape Meals.  It is an opportunity to sing, to pray, the share fellowship and to worship through a full meal.

The concept of an Agape Meal is to re-claim a 1st century atmosphere of sharing communion as a meal.  Instead of a wafer and sip of wine, we actually eat a full meal.  All participants are encouraged to bring something to eat or drink to share with everyone else.

You are very welcome to join us!

Agape Meals always revolve around the equality of everyone at the meal...and sharing food and drink is one way to show this.  Instead of a sermon we have lively discussion around a biblical story or text or theme.

Agape Meal services are held on the last Sunday of every month, unless there is a special holiday...if that is the case, then an alternate date will be provided!

If you have any questions about this service, please feel free to contact Pastor Rob at the Church Office. 

Our first Agape Meal of 2019 will be held on Sunday, January 27 at 5pm.

You are invited to join us!