Adult Education Bible Study

Adult Education is an opportunity for deeper adult exploration into the Bible and our Christian faith.  Learning happens at all stages of our lives, even into adult-hood and beyond.

Holy Trinity is happy to host a number of learning program opportunities!  You are welcome to join us for any or all of them!


in 2019, our Monday evening Adult Education Bible Study learning program will begin on Monday, January 14 at 7 pm.   

The program will be a program titled "The History and Theology of Christianity".


Our next session (Mar 18) topic:  Atonement & Anselm's Theory.  This session will explore the question "Why did Jesus die?"  Over the past 2000 years, different explanations for why Jesus died have been developed.  We will explore the different theories focussing on two main theories...Anselm's Substitutionary Atonement Theory...and the biblically based use of sacrifice from Yom Kippur and Passover.  We will learn about how and why these theories developed and how they are practiced/understood today.


The History and Theology of Christianity is an exploration of the key historical moments of the Christian religion and where our theology comes from and how it developed over time. 

We will begin by exploring the earliest days of Christianity and how it was impacted by the Roman Empire and its imperial theology, and, how this newly forming religion impacted the Roman Empire. 

We will explore the different types of early expressions of Christian faith of the first 300 years by learning about The Lost Gospels and the communities that wrote them and what they believed. 

We will also explore other such key moments in Christian history such as (to name a few):



The First Split - Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox

St. Anselm and Substitutionary Atonement Theory

The Crusades

The Second Split - The Protestant Reformation

Martin Luther

The Lost Gospels

The Modern Church




To help us with our learning and exploration of such a broad topic, we will use DVD videos, handouts, conversations, and on-line videos.


All are welcome to join us.