Adult Education Bible Study

Adult Education is an opportunity for deeper adult exploration into the Bible and our Christian faith.  Learning happens at all stages of our lives, even into adult-hood and beyond.

Holy Trinity is happy to host a number of learning program opportunities!  You are welcome to join us for any or all of them!


Our groups have decided to take a small break and will resume our programs in January 2020.

The next topic will be "The Challenge of Jesus".  A DVD-based program developed by renowned Jesus scholar John Dominic Crossan.

DATE AND TIME TO BE DECIDED...Please check back in December...

In The Challenge of Jesus, renowned historical Jesus scholar John Dominic Crossan, presents his life’s work exploring the matrix of Jesus’ unique time and place. Drawing on scholarly text, excavation and history, Dr. Crossan introduces us to the flesh and blood people who shaped the world into which Jesus was born. In these DVD presentations, we meet a Jesus we’ve not known before.

Dr. Crossan’s presentations are produced in a revolutionary new multimedia format that helps viewers comprehend the dynamic, multifaceted interactions between the Roman Imperial program of conquest and the struggles of occupied Israel in the century in which Jesus acted and taught.

A Depiction of Jesus We’ve Not Seen Before

Dr. Crossan pinpoints the history and circumstances that helped Jesus’ message of nonviolent resistance to evil have such a powerful impact against Imperial Rome. Moving beyond Jesus as an abstract figure of scripture, Dr. Crossan paints us a vivid portrait of Jesus the man. Through it all, the presentation, the Resource Guide, and the included discussion starters and questions help educators and students alike draw their own meaning from Dr. Crossan’s presentations.